Mount of Olives Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes everyone to our family. Whether you are new to the city, just visiting, or are looking for a family to share your life with, we are here for you.  Our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ. We are called to meet human needs in His name.

“God has led you to the desert
and spoken to your heart.”

“Dios te ha llevado al desierto y habla a tu corazón”

Horarios del día
7:30-8:30AM – Oracion los Lunes a Viernes
5:30-6:30PM – Oracion los Lunes a Viernes
9:30-10:30AM – Oracion los Sabados
9:00AM – Culto Dominical en Ingles
11:15AM – Misa Domincal en Español

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April 2015

This Lenten Season join us
as we focus on the Spiritual Disciplines of Taize Prayer Worship.

Wednes, April 1 ~ Sunday, April 5
– church location –
Mount of Olives: 3546 E Thomas Rd
Memorial Presbyterian: 4141 E Thomas Rd
Faith Lutheran: 801 E Camelback Rd

PALM SUNDAY, March 29, 2015
Mount of Olives Church
* Palm Procession @ 9:00 AM
* Procesion de Ramos @ 11:15 AM

TAIZE PRAYER, April 1, 2015
Mount of Olives Church
* Meditation Worship @ 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM

MAUNDY THURSDAY, April 2, 2015
Mount of Olives Church
* Prayer/Meditation @ 7:30 AM
* Foot washing in courtyard @ 11:30 – 12:30 PM
* Stripping Altar @ 5:30 – 6:30 PM
Memorial Presbyterian Church
* Supper & Worship @ 7:00 PM

GOOD FRIDAY, April 3, 2015
Faith Lutheran Church
* Prayer/Meditation @ Noon – 3 PM
* Worship @ 7:00 PM

EASTER SUNDAY, April 5, 2015
Mount of Olives Church
* Easter Worship @ 9:00 AM
* Misa de Pascua @ 11:15 AM

Fourth Friday Family Fun Event
Theme (TBD)
Friday, April 24 @ 5:30~8:00 PM
Mount of Olives Church
Fellowship Hall
All children must bring an adult guardian to this event.

Please continue to feed the “Jug for Youth Ministry” in Sanctuary
Sunday(s) in January @ 9:00 AM
* Sanctuary

Have you invited someone to worship, this month?

National Youth Gathering – ELCA

2015 Youth Gathering @ Detroit, MI

2012 Youth Gathering @ New Orleans, LA

09:00 AM – Taize Prayer with Communion in English

10:15 AM – Sunday School
10:20 AM – Coffee Fellowship and Adult Forum
11:15 AM – Misa de Oracion y Comunion en Español

Mount of Olives Ev. Lutheran Church
3546 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ * 85018 (USA)
phone: (602) 956-1620
fax: (602) 956-1625







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Pray, Study, Worship, Invite, Encourage, Serve, and Give…

From the Desk of Pastor Priscilla Paris-Austin
Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In His resurrection, Christ makes all things new and as His followers we are called to the challenge of living every day in a way that makes us open to that newness of life. Sometimes, like the women approaching the tomb, we wonder about the obstacles that will be in front of us. But when we continue to move forward in faithful obedience, we discover that the stone has already been rolled away. We may be looking at an empty tomb, but the signs of new life are there and we receive a message of blessing: Go, Christ goes before you, as He promised.

Here at Mount of Olives we have boldly stepped into this invitation, knowing not where the journey will take us but trusting that Christ goes before us. We have named this leap of faith, the Olive Branch Community of Hope and trust that by the power of the Holy Spirit this place will become a stronger and healthier beacon of Hope here on Thomas Rd.

The Holy Spirit has also been guiding and directing my path as well, urging me to face the empty tomb and find life resurrected. Like the women who were sent from the tomb with an unexpected message, I stand before you with news I do not know how to share. So with trembling in my heart, I will simply say, that effective Sunday, May 17th, I will no longer be Pastor of Mount of Olives Lutheran Church and herby tender my resignation. My family and I covet your prayers and blessings as we have chosen to answer a call to Immanuel Lutheran Church, in Seattle, Washington, confident that Christ has gone ahead to meet us.

God has done some wonderful and amazing things through us together here over these past 5 years. You have seen me through Internship and honored me into Ordained ministry. We have faced the changing demographics and challenges of ministry together and sought to be faithful to God’s calling. You have walked with my children as they have grown in faith and celebrated their gifts within your midst. You have cared for Tony & I as a couple, encouraging us to be faithful to that relationship as well. You have loved us and we have loved you. In the coming 5 weeks we will take time to celebrate those joys, say good-bye to one another, and bless each other into a future in God’s care. Christ has gone ahead to meet you and me and mine and for this I give thanks and praise.

Raised with you to new life in Christ,
Rev. Priscilla Paris-Austin

From The Pastor’s Pen
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