Mount of Olives Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes everyone to our family. Whether you are new to the city, just visiting, or are looking for a family to share your life with, we are here for you.  Our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ. We are called to meet human needs in His name.

“God has led you to the desert
and spoken to your heart.”

“Dios te ha llevado al desierto y habla a tu corazón”

Horarios del día
7:30-8:45AM – Desayuno de Pascua
9:00AM – Culto de Resurección en Ingles
10:00-11:00AM – Desayuno de Pascua
10:30AM – Busqueda de Huevos de Pascua
11:15AM – Culto de Resurección en Español

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January 2015

Fourth Friday Family Fun Event
Friday, January 23 @ 5:30~8:00 PM
Mount of Olives Church
Fellowship Hall
* All children must bring an adult guardian to this event.

Please continue to feed the “Jug for Youth Ministry” in Sanctuary
Sunday(s) in January @ 9:00 AM
* Sanctuary

Have you invited someone to worship, this month?”

National Youth Gathering – ELCA

2015 Youth Gathering @ Detroit, MI

2012 Youth Gathering @ New Orleans, LA

09:00 AM – Sunday Worship in English

10:15 AM – Sunday School
10:20 AM – Coffee Fellowship and Adult Forum
10:30 AM – Bilingual Choir Practice (Sanctuary)
11:00 AM – Bilingual Music for All (Sanctuary)
11:15 AM – Sunday Worship in Spanish

Mount of Olives Ev. Lutheran Church
3546 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ * 85018 (USA)
phone: (602) 956-1620
fax: (602) 956-1625







The OLIVE BRANCH Thrift Store

4th Friday, Family Fun Events

Multimedia Video Presentation

Website & Audio/Visual Equipment



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Online Donation Opportunity
Please pledge or tithe to the ministry here at Mount of Olives. You can visit the Electronic Giving page for regular donations. You are blessed!

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“Party with DJ Tone”

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Youth Summer Camp

‘Bible Study’ Opportunities

After-School of Music Academy

Confirmation Class uses the Biblical Sex Ed Practices

Pray, Study, Worship, Invite, Encourage, Serve, Give…

The season of Epiphany is a celebration of the Light of Christ in the world. That light makes us new and shines upon formerly darkened pathways, opening new opportunities to live, love, and serve the Lord. The light is God’s promise for us; a promise of steadfast presence, of unending love, or abounding grace.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t waver. March out boldly tomorrow — GOD is with you.” 2 Chronicles 20:17

Happy New Year- small

As we begin 2015, the Council and leadership of Mount of Olives are making efforts to step into a bold new future. There will be challenges, changes and sacrifices to be made. We may find ourselves in the position of Jehoshaphat, crying out with uncertainty to God. We may feel like the people of Israel, anxious for the new future, but fearful of the battle to get there. It is in these moments that we must trust and seek out the voice of Jahaziel, who will remind us; the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s…. Don’t be afraid, don’t waver. March out boldly tomorrow – God is with you.

God has great plans for Mount of Olives. May we march boldly with God into the future.

Walking with you into the light,
Pastor Priscilla

From The Pastor’s Pen
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