Mount of Olives Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes everyone to our family. Whether you are new to the city, just visiting, or are looking for a family to share your life with, we are here for you.  Our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ. We are called to meet human needs in His name.

“God has led you to the desert
and spoken to your heart.”

“Dios te ha llevado al desierto y habla a tu corazón”

Horarios del día
7:30-8:45AM – Desayuno de Pascua
9:00AM – Culto de Resurección en Ingles
10:00-11:00AM – Desayuno de Pascua
10:30AM – Busqueda de Huevos de Pascua
11:15AM – Culto de Resurección en Español

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December 2014

Worshipping & Serving
in Partnership with our Sister Congregations
Advent 2nd Sunday
Sunday, December 7 @ 9:00 AM
Mount of Olives Church
* Worship and decorating Sanctuary for the holiday season

Blue Christmas Worship
Wednesday, Dec 10 @ 6:00 PM
Mount of Olives Church

Thursday, Dec 11 @ 6:00 PM
Faith/Le Fe Church
801 E. Camelback Rd, Phx

Interactive Posada with Service Project and Feast
Las Posada & Fiesta
Sunday, December 14
Mount of Olives Church
10:00 AM .. Caroling in the Fellowship Hall
10:30 AM .. Inter-generational & interactive Posada will travel through the courtyard
11:15 AM .. Participate in service projects around the campus
01:00 PM .. Fiesta Time!
* Volunteers should wear their “God’s work. Our hands.” T-shirts

Blue Christmas Worship
Sunday, December 14 @
Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

Advent 4th Sunday
Sunday, December 21 @ 9:00 a.m. English Worship and 11:15 a.m. Spanish worship
and debriefing of events

Christmas Eve Worship
Candlelight Service
Wednesday, Dec 24 @5:30 PM

Sunday, December 28th

Please continue to feed the “Jug for Youth Ministry” in Sanctuary
Sunday(s) in December @ 9:00 AM

“Have you invited someone to worship, this month?”

National Youth Gathering – ELCA

2015 Youth Gathering @ Detroit, MI

2012 Youth Gathering @ New Orleans, LA

09:00 AM – Sunday Worship in English

10:15 AM – Sunday School
10:20 AM – Coffee Fellowship and Adult Forum
10:30 AM – Bilingual Choir Practice (Sanctuary)
11:00 AM – Bilingual Music for All (Sanctuary)
11:15 AM – Sunday Worship in Spanish

Mount of Olives Ev. Lutheran Church
3546 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ * 85018 (USA)
phone: (602) 956-1620
fax: (602) 956-1625



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Online Donation Opportunity
Please pledge or tithe to the ministry here at Mount of Olives. You can visit the Electronic Giving page for regular donations. You are blessed!

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Confirmation Class uses the Biblical Sex Ed Practices

Pray, Study, Worship, Invite, Encourage, Serve, Give

Merry Christmas!
We wait with eager anticipation for the magic of Christmas to fill our lives and our world. Perhaps this will be the year that Peace on Earth reigns for more than 30 seconds. Maybe this will be the year that sickness and pain will cease, if only for 1 day. Perhaps this will be the Christmas that Jesus will return to earth.

As a child I always had mixed feelings about the thought that Jesus would come back on Christmas. I remember thinking, “what if Jesus came back before I got my presents? Or worse after I got them but before I could play with them?!”


It was the childlike sense of self as the center of the universe that drove these thoughts. But I am all grown up now and such selfish musings are gone…. Or are they?

On Facebook, I see the flurry of protests regarding the phrase: “Happy Holidays”. In the news, we hear the stories of wars and battles over land and power. We hear about protests and counter-protests each side shouting louder to be heard, neither taking time to listen.

These selfish, self-centered debates put the focus of Christmas on me and my desires, our wants, our desires for power and stuff, as we cry out: “It’s Merry Christ-mas, not Happy Holidays”.

I pray that we can all find the maturity of faith in ourselves, to look for Jesus, not for our own sake, but for the reason that Jesus came, for the sake of the world.

Waiting with you for Christ to return,

Pastor Priscilla
From The Pastor’s Pen