Even though Pastor Priscilla has left, God is still here and so are we.  Please come and join us,  

Mount of Olives Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes everyone to our family. Whether you are new to the city, just visiting, or are looking for a family to share your life with, we are here for you.  Our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ. We are called to meet human needs in His name.

“God has led you to the desert
and spoken to your heart.”

“Dios te ha llevado al desierto y habla a tu corazón”

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May 2015

Farewell Event for the Pastor
Come join us on May 17th as we wish the Austin family farewell.
** 10:00 a.m. Single multilingual worship service.
** 3:00 p.m. Join the community for food, fun and fellowship to wish the Austins farewell and Godspeed.

Fourth Friday Family Fun Event
Theme Water Fun in the Courtyard
Friday, May 22 @ 5:30~8:00 PM
Mount of Olives Church
Fellowship Hall
All children must bring an adult guardian to this event.

Please continue to feed the “Jug for Youth Ministry” in Sanctuary
Sunday(s) in January @ 9:00 AM
* Sanctuary

Have you invited someone to worship, this month?

National Youth Gathering – ELCA

2015 Youth Gathering @ Detroit, MI

2012 Youth Gathering @ New Orleans, LA

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Vacation Bible School
Phoenix, AZ
June 4 – 6


09:00 AM – Worship Service with Communion in English

10:15 AM – Sunday School
10:20 AM – Coffee Fellowship and Adult Forum
11:15 AM – Misa de Oracion y Comunion en Español

Mount of Olives Ev. Lutheran Church
3546 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ * 85018 (USA)
phone: (602) 956-1620
fax: (602) 956-1625







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4th Friday, Family Fun Events

Multimedia Video Presentation

Website & Audio/Visual Equipment



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Online Donation Opportunity
Please pledge or tithe to the ministry here at Mount of Olives. You can visit the Electronic Giving page for regular donations. You are blessed!

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Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
This is the promise that we celebrate during this Easter season. This is the promise that gives us hope in all circumstances. This is the truth that we profess as people of faith. The Easter season offers us so much to celebrate; Light, Life and Hope.

And yet there is a hint of gloom in the air at Mount of Olives. Whispers of pain, loss and fear. We have laid to rest faithful friends this season. We have prayed fervently over sisters and brothers struggling with illness, aging and poverty. And we have grown anxious over impending changes in our community. But it’s Easter, so we whisper and wonder, if Easter really matters in the midst of such darkness.


Whatever the Pain, Loss or Fear, it begins to lose its power when we name it and bring it into the light. Because, during the month of May, we will also celebrate the Ascension of our Lord, the day that Christ in human form, departed from this earth, leaving us with a promise to send an Advocate and to be with us always. And we will also celebrate the fulfillment of that promise on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down in tongues of fire, empowering the early church, and the whole church ever since.

My family and I may be leaving Mount of Olives, but we remain sisters and brothers in Christ through our relationship in the ELCA. I may not be physically present to celebrate the next milestone, but united by faith in Christ, we will continue to partner with you, doing God’s Work with Our Hands. And no matter the fear, there is one truth that overpowers them all. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of Christ, the love we find in one another, not death, not life, not powers or principalities, not even 2000 miles of geography. We are one in Christ Jesus, that can never change, because Christ is Risen. Alleluia.

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Rev. Priscilla Paris-Austin

From The Pastor’s Pen
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