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Pastor Tim Perlick

Tim Perlick image.jpg

 Pastor Tim Perlick was installed as pastor of Mount of Olives Lutheran Church on May 13, 2023.  


Before being called to Mount of Olives Lutheran,  Pastor Tim  served as the Vicar at Crossroads Lutheran Church in San Tan Valley, collaborating closely with Pastor Charles Newman, celebrated for pioneering missional communities. Under Pastor Newman's guidance, Tim honed creative skills, adept at connecting with people at their points of need.

His fervor lies in guiding individuals to discover their identity in Christ and nurturing their journey as devoted followers of Jesus. With four decades of diverse experiences spanning corporate, entrepreneurial ventures, and personal life, Tim empathizes with the complexities of daily existence, offering insights gleaned from both success and setbacks.

Drawing from his background in teaching and administration, Tim aids fellow believers in responding to their divine calling, leveraging their distinct vocational talents.

Embracing an inclusive approach to ministry, Tim seeks to broaden perspectives, emphasizing a unified mission for Christ's church: to actively serve in manifesting God's kingdom in our world.

His leadership ethos mirrors Micah 6:8, striving to embody justice, mercy, and humility in service to God and humanity.

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